The Things I Learned Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning & If You Should Too

It has long been discussed the health benefits of drinking Lemon water first thing in the morning. Articles all over the place talking about how great it is for us and why we should do it ourselves. This is one health experiment I wanted to test out for myself to see if it really does anything.

For my setup I bought 9 Lemons for $3.

I used a juicer to speed long with the pressing of the Lemon juice…Took no time at all with this juicer

pressed lemon juice in jar

Ended up with a little bit more than 1 cup of juice

pressed lemon juice



The nutrition info for 1 cup or 244 grams of fresh squeezed lemon juice is as follows according to Self Nutrition Data:

  • 61 calories
  • 3 grams protein
  • 6 grams sugar
  • 0 grams fat
  • 112 mg vitamin C (187% daily value)
  • 303 mg potassium (9% daily value)
  • 31.7 g folate (8% daily value)
  • 1 gram fiber (4% daily value)
  • 14.6 milligrams magnesium (4% daily value)
  • 0.1 mg Thaimin (5% daily value)Thaimin
  • 0.4 milligrams vitamin E (2% daily value)
  • 0.1 gram vitamin B6 (6% daily value)
  • 31.7 mcg Folate (8% daily value)
  • 17.1 mg calcium (2% daily value)
  • 14.6 mg magnesium (4% daily value)
  • 303 mg potassium (9% daily value)

What are the health benefits of drinking Lemon water in the morning?

I noticed a number of these listed below actually work. I’ll be continuing to drink Lemon water in the mornings. Hopefully for the rest of my life. Enjoy!


Boosts energy. Trade your daily cup of coffee for an energizing shot of lemon water. Lemons are a naturally energizing food because of their negatively charged ions.

Soothes sore throats. Lemon water can relieve sore throats. The lemon breaks up irritating mucus. Combining it with honey and hot water adds an extra soothing quality to remedy even the worst sore throat. It’s one of the best benefits of lemon water there is!

Relieves coughs. Cough drop manufacturers are onto something when they manufacture honey lemon cough drops. Lemon is a natural cough suppressant. Half a lemon added to hot water with honey soothes coughs.

Breaks up mucus. Lemon water’s strong shot of citric acid dissolves mucus and phlegm. Antioxidants and a strong shot of vitamin C helps kill the virus causing the mucus in the first place. To reap the benefits, add a good squeeze of lemon to hot water and honey.

Fights colds and flus. According to the Mayo Clinic, taking vitamin C prior to a cold can help shorten the duration of the cold symptoms. Drinking lemon water daily gives you that boost of vitamin C that will help speed up a cold. Studies show consuming vitamin C decreases the severity of cold and flu symptoms and fights the viruses that cause these ailments.

Boosts the immune system. Research proves that vitamin C gives the immune system a beneficial boost. A vitamin C deficiency causes you to be increasingly susceptible to virus and infections.

Reduces infections. High doses of vitamin C used to be given regularly to treat infections according to the Riordan Clinic. Lemon not only has tons of vitamin C but natural antimicrobial properties that make it a powerhouse for reducing infections.

Promotes wound healing. While adding lemon to a wound sounds painful, drinking lemon water can help promote wound healing. Research presented in the International Journal of Science and Research shows that lemon juice does speed up wound healing due to its antibacterial properties. Take advantage of these last three benefits of lemon water for your immune system by drinking it regularly.

Replenishes electrolytes. Post workout, don’t reach for a lemon sports drink full of artificial sugars to replenish your electrolytes. Instead, choose lemon water to restore electrolytes. With lemon’s abundance of vitamins and minerals, it is easy and cost effective to make your own post workout drink. Add the juice of a lemon to a cup of cold water with a shot of sea salt and honey.

Alkalizes the body. According to Web MD, foods that alkalize the body may benefit you in many ways. Having a slightly alkalized body may help prevent kidney stones and keep your bones and muscles in top shape.

Eases asthma. Many of the vitamins and minerals in lemon including vitamin C, magnesium, choline can help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms. (4)

Regulates blood sugar. According to Harvard Health, lemons can slow the conversion of starch to sugar. The slower this conversion happens, the less dramatically blood sugar levels rise, which is a boon for diabetics and for anyone looking to stabilize sugar levels to avoid sugar highs or weight gain.

Feeds the brain. Lemons have tons of potassium, which is great for the brain.

Balances pH. If the body becomes too acidic, it can’t operate as well. For example, the intestines can’t properly digest food in an overly acid environment.

Naturally detoxes the body. The citric acid in lemons along with the fiber helps to break up bacteria that accumulates in the body. Drinking the extra water flushes these broken up toxins out of your system

Fights cancer. While lemons are not a cancer cure all, there is truth that lemons contain lots of cancer fighting properties. Lemon’s beneficial properties are showing promise in some cancer studies. (5)

Neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the body. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, both contained in lemon juice, both help reduce and reverse any damage caused by free radicals.

Supports heart health. Lemon water’s potassium helps support heart health. The potassium strengthens the heart muscle, along with all the other muscles in the body, and helps it keep blood flowing freely. (6)

Decreases high blood pressure. Vitamin C may help relax blood vessels. When blood vessels are more relaxed, blood pressure naturally decreases. Studies show a 5 millimeter reduction in pressure in patients with essential hypertension who consumed 500 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C.

Hydrates the lymphatic system. The lymph system is twice as large as the arterial system that houses the veins and arteries. This behemoth system flushes waste products out of our system. Keeping it hydrated with alkalizing lemon water makes it run smoothly and efficiently.

Promotes regularity. This combo helps keeps your digestive track running smoothly and your bowels regular. Water alone softens stool and lubricates the gi tract but the citric acid and fiber in the lemons helps move undigested waste from the colon. In fact hot lemon water is recommended by medical professionals to help cure constipation naturally. (7)

Improves eye health in diabetics. Many diabetics deal with deteriorating vision as a result of a build up of sugars in the blood vessels in the eyes. Studies have found that the flavonoids in lemons helps prevent blindness and cataracts in diabetics.

Prevents kidney stones. According to Web MD, the citrate present in lemon help inhibit oxalate crystals from forming. These crystals create one of the most common kidney stones. Drinking lemon water increases the amount of citrate in the urine, which prevents the stones from forming.

Reduces uric acid levels. The potassium and citrate in lemons prevents uric acid from building up in the body. Too much uric acid in your body can cause swelling, gout attacks, infections, and kidney and bladder stones. Because lemon water acts as a diuretic, it flushes out this unwanted fluid. In fact, many gout sufferers drink lemon water prior to eating to prevent the uncomfortable attacks. (8)

Prevents and treats urinary tract infections. Drinking lots of water helps prevent UTIs and may help to treat some of the symptoms. Water dilutes the urine, which makes going to the bathroom less painful when dealing with a urinary tract infections. Plus, lemon juice’s natural antibacterial properties help kill the bacteria inside the bladder.

Treats and prevents scurvy. Scurvy is a disease directly resulting from vitamin C deficiency. While the availability of produce makes this disease more rare than in the past, it does affect up to 10-14% of adults in developed countries. With its high concentration of vitamin C, lemon water can help treat and prevent this condition. (9)

Improves digestive health. Drinking water before any meal helps break down waste and move it through the system. This is particularly true when drinking warm water prior to your first meal of the day. Editor of Yahoo Health, Michele Promaulayko, validated this theory to ABC News. She says it slows down digestion enough to allow your body to properly break down the food, which is exactly what your body needs for optimal digestive health.

Replaces unhealthy beverages. Many people reach for soft drinks or sugary juices because they don’t like plain water. Jazzing water up with refreshingly tart lemon can add enough zing to water to make more people reach for it over a soda or sweetened juice. This is one of the benefits of lemon water you can’t ignore.

Boosts metabolism. Being well hydrated keeps the metabolism running smoothly according to Women’s Health. Lemon adds the boost of fiber and citric acid that helps digest food properly, keeping the metabolism operating on high. This is one of the benefits of lemon water that may also help you lose weight!

Prevents overeating. Lemon water can help you stop overeating. A shot of flavor from lemon water can squash cravings while the water fills up your belly and prevents you from confusing thirst with hunger. Plus the shot of fiber from the lemon’s pectin satisfies you with little calories.

Promotes weight loss. Between the pleasant boost to the metabolism, the killed cravings, and the filling fiber, it’s not surprising that drinking lemon water can help you loose weight. Plus lemon’s natural diuretic properties help you beat bloat and lose water weight.

May fight depression If you wake up each day to the fresh scent of lemon in your green tea, you are probably already familiar with how the citrus smell reinvigorates you. Research indicates that lemon water can help suppress depression symptoms more effectively than some anti-depressants.

Encourages hydration It is widely agreed upon that good hydration is essential to your health. But if you are like most people, getting the recommended daily allotment is challenging. Lemon water’s taste, anti-oxidants, and vitamins makes drinking it easier, which promotes hydration.

Repairs cartilage  Move over calcium, Vitamin C needs some recognition in helping to promote cartilage health. Consuming more lemon water each day can get your body the necessary amounts of Vitamin C to boost cartilage health

Supports strong bones.  Since Vitamin C helps with cartilage, it is not surprising that some research indicates this powerhouse vitamin promotes bone health. The Vitamin C is essential to your body’s ability to keep your bone and  teeth strength up, so you should focus on not just getting enough calcium, but also increasing your Vitamin C intake, which lemon water can easily help with.

Makes skin glow. If you are looking for healthier looking skin, lemon water can promote this too. Lemon water helps to clear out toxins that affect how your skin look and feel. And it also promotes collagen production, which is the chemical responsible for keeping away wrinkles and making your skin springy and taut.

Can protect skin from sun damage. Skin cancer is a leading cause of death in many people who are constantly exposed to the UVB radiation. Studies indicate that the anti-oxidants found in Vitamin C helps to protect the skin cells from the harmful radiation. This has the added benefit of fighting the signs of aging and wrinkles that prolonged sun exposure can cause.

Supports the liver. There is evidence linking Vitamin C deficiency to liver disease and lost liver function. That said, it’s reasonable that upping Vitamin C intake by drinking lemon water would support liver function.

Ups potassium intake. According to Medical News Today, potassium is an essential micronutrient. The body requires 100 mg per day to support basic functions, but upping the potassium intake reduces risk of death from all causes. An increased potassium intake also lowers risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure, preserves muscle mass and bone density, and reduces the formation of kidney stones.

Helps manage diabetes. Research suggests that the polyphenols in lemons can help prevent fat from being stored in the abdominal area. A reduction in abdominal fat is linked to less insulin resistance and better diabetes management.

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