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Passion feeds passion. People that love the culinary arts all have a great passion for food. From the way it looks on the plate to the textures the colors the aromas. Getting lost in your own mind dreaming up the next creation. Butter-n-Thyme is a resource to all the foodies of the world. Passionate Chefs creating recipe content with step by step instruction, often with HowTo videos.

Please join us for this lifetime of culinary adventures.

“Food is our medicine & Our medicine is our Food”
Chef Pennington


Awards & Recognition

2012 National Association of Home Builders – Travis County Expo Center – Texas Chili Cookoff – “People’s Choice Award”

Traditional Texas Chili 

traditional texas chili


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“Chef Pennington is a great teacher. He’s calm and obviously excited about the creations @ Butter-n-Thyme’s. Looking forward to what’s next!


“Best Roast Chicken I’ve Ever Made”

I’ve been cooking roast chicken most of my life. I had a friend introduce me to this lovely website and insisted I try the roast chicken recipe and technique. I’m 74 years old and can state this is the best roast chicken recipe of my lifetime. Thank You!

“Another successful experience”

I love how each recipe I’ve tried has turned out just as promised. Hard to find great recipes with proper instruction. Follower for life!

“Office Experience”

Thank you Butter-n-Thyme for the Ultimate Fudge Brownies recipe. Made these and took them to work. The entire office has been talking about how great they were. I didn’t tell them the secret ingredient 🙂

Meet Chef Steven Pennington

Passionate Chef On A Mission To Help Others Wanting To Cook To Their Top Potential. I’m Here To Help Any One Of You. Just Leave A Message And We’ll Figure It Out

– Chef Pennington

Hours of Operation

8:00am -to- 10:00pm 

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