Perfect Poached Egg

– Poached “Inside” Of Shell –


Needed equipment

  • Pot of Water or Sous Vide Machine
  • Temperature Probe
  • Timer


How to Poach Eggs Inside Of The Shell

The 63 Degree Egg

Poach Eggs Inside Of The Shell

What The Number Represents


63 degree egg


The 63 degree egg as long been used in fine dining restaurants. It’s simply beaufiful in the world of egg cookery. When poaching eggs the traditional way the whites get separated to some degree in the water. This effects the shape and presentation of the finished poached egg. When perfection is the goal the 63 degree egg is king. While it is called the 63 degree egg, you don’t have to dial-in to 63 degrees.

If you like a more firm textured egg white then increase the water a few degrees.

A temperature of 65 degrees is good and would translate in fahrenheit to 149 degrees.

Egg Coagulation

What is egg coagulation?

Simplist answer would be egg coagulation is the process of the protein strands in the egg tightening coming together creating a network. This process begins at the temperature of 60C / 140F. Yet the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper. When the temperature reaches 60C / 140F only 12% of the egg whites begin coagulating. The other major egg white structure, ovalbumin makes up 54% of the egg white proteins and fully tightens at higher temperatures. Just like when boiling eggs, bringing the water to a boil first. Boiling water happens at 212 degrees at sea level.

63 Degree Egg Cookery Makes This Technque an amazing culinary observation.

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63 degree egg