How To Cook Omelet In Water Bath



Sous Vide Omelet – Egg Cookery 102


Cooking eggs within a water bath is easy and creates a texture that isn’t possible with traditional egg cookery. The easiest way is to use a sous vide machine that has temperature control. If you do not have a sous vide machine, no problem, using a pot on the stove top with a temperature probe that can measure the water temperature is all you need. One of the main benefits of using a temperature controlled water bath is the consistency of your end product. Another benefit is you waste less egg and can control the shape of your eggs, in this case, an omelet. Allows for a nice presentation.


Eggs begin to setup/coagulate at 140F/60C. This is the temperature when eggs begin to turn from a transparent clear liquid into a solid. We could set the water bath to 140 degrees for the omelet, but this would take forever to cook, and the texture would be very soft and it would not want to keep its shape.

 The magic temperature is 167F / 75C for exactly 30 minutes. 







 How To Cook Omelet In Water Bath

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