Cutting Whole Chicken Into 10 Pieces or MORE? Tips For Success & Safety

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Ever dreamed of being on Food Network’s show “Chopped”?

cutting chicken for chopped

Becoming familiar with how to break down and cut up a whole chicken into 10 pieces is almost a foodie requirement these days and helps home cooks save a lot of money.



The price of chicken is very reasonable. But paying $4 for 4 chicken thighs at the grocery is crazy when the whole chicken costs between $5-$10, depending on the area you live.

When was that last time you bought chicken stock at the store?

Answer: Likely….Never

Grocery stores don’t sell chicken stock, they only sell chicken broth….

What’s the difference? Chicken broth is the exact same thing as reselling the liquid a poached chicken was cooked in. Yep, zero difference at all. Please don’t confuse.

Chicken Stock is made from chicken bones and marrow which means high quality and big flavor. Chicken broth is almost worthless in the way of favor. If you’re in a hurry or in a pinch I suggest buying the chicken stock base in small jars. Big flavor in small places. #TimeSaver #FlavorSaver

I think most of us agree homemade is better. That means homemade chicken stock is high on that list, mainly because you just cannot buy it. Does not exist.

Let’s Make Homemade Chicken Stock

Here is a restaurant tested recipe that will help take your next cooking adventure to the next level. If you use this recipe in place of the standard grocery store chicken broth you’ve been using, then you’re about to make the best version of your dish you’ve ever made. Flavor wins every time, and chicken broth isn’t flavor.

Perfect Homemade Chicken Stock

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perfect chicken stock

What in the world can I make with chicken stock?

Personal favorite way to use homemade chicken stock is making homemade chicken tortilla soup. Do you have chicken tortilla soup where you live>? I sure hope so because it is so incredibility delicious and deep in flavor. It is a soup that is layered with layers of flavor. Yes, that’s the way I would describe chicken tortilla soup. This dish is only OK when made with chicken broth. Use homemade chicken stock, and you’ll become the kitchen rock-star your ingredients deserve. Here’s the recipe: When you make this recipe you really need to freeze a little for later 🙂

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup

Click Image Below For Recipe

chicken tortilla soup

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how to cut chicken into 10 pieces

Cutting Whole Chicken Into 10 Pieces or MORE? Tips For Success & Safety

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