Trussing Chicken for the Perfect Roast

How To Truss Chicken / Tying Chicken For Perfect Presentation

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perfect roast chicken

How To Truss a Chicken For Perfect Presentation

Trussing Chicken, there is something about a beautifully presented roast chicken. Golden brown with crispy skin and super moist. In this segment on chicken, we are going to show you exactly how to accomplish the perfect roast. How many times have you had dry chicken? It is very disappointing and can ruin the meal.

Our first lesson starts today with trussing a chicken the correct way to achieve the perfect roast chicken.


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trussing chicken
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Trussing Chicken for the Perfect Roast

Preparing Chicken for the Perfect Roast - Tying the Chicken so it will look perfect on the dinner table
Prep Time3 mins
Total Time3 mins
Course: Culinary School Techniques
Cuisine: French | American
Keyword: Trussing Chicken
Servings: 1
Author: Steven Pennington


  • Trussing string 2 1/2 ft to one yard Cut
  • Scissors
  • One Chicken Patted Dry


  • Lay your chicken in front of you with the legs pointed at you
  • Place the trussing string under the chicken by the wings
  • Loop the trussing string over the wings to the first of the chicken, then back under to complete the loop
  • Next take the trussing string and come over the top side of the legs
  • Loop back under the legs and back to starting position.
  • The trussing string is now at the back side of the chicken
  • Tie a butchers knot, or any knot that works ( How to tie a butchers knot is in the video)
  • Secure tightly, the chicken will shape up and look picture perfect for your roast


How To Truss Chicken / Tying Chicken For Perfect Presentation



Trussing Chicken for the Perfect Roast

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