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  1. Ashley B

    5 stars
    Hi Steven! I have used this recipe a bunch of times and have loved it! I planned on making it again this weekend so I wanted to be sure I had all of the ingredients for the BBQ sauce, but I can't find the ingredient list for that anymore. In the recipe above, it says, "BBQ sauce recipe below this recipe card", but I scrolled to the bottom and just don't see it. The video mentions ingredients but not the measurements. Maybe I'm missing something here? Would love to be able to make this again.


    • Steven Pennington

      Thank you so much for telling me.
      Fixed: I have added the BBQ sauce recipe card back. I've been building a brand new Butter N Thyme website. I "quietly" launched the website yesterday. Still working on finishing parts, but 98% of it is done. Hope you enjoy the new website. And thank you for telling me about the missing recipe card.

  2. Mike Schmidt

    Just ordered the News letter. Hoping for the rub recipe
    Mike Schmidt

    • Steven Pennington

      Sent...I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Brian T

    It seems that you release the pressure immediately after the pressure cycle is compete. Others advocate for letting the pressure drop naturally for 5-10 minutes. I assume you have experimented both ways and found your directions to work as well or better than maybe a shorter pressure cycle and natural pressure release?

    • Steven Pennington

      The reason for the quick release is the ribs have been cooking for 40-45 minutes, plus the time it takes for the Instant Pot to pressurize. From what I understand now having made them so many times since this post and video, I would suggest allowing the ribs to stay in the Instant Pot, and do nothing with the pressure release. The timer begins to count down after the first timer goes off. I would use that 10 plus minutes to finish getting everything ready for dinner. Like heating up the broiler. Setting the table? Perfect amount of time to allow the ribs to finish up. Then paint on BBQ sauce and caramelize in the oven. So good!
      When you do release the pressure use quick release...

  4. Anonymous

    Question about the can of apple concentrate...if I can't get that, can I use Apple Juice instead of 8 cups of water + Apple concentrate?

    • Steven Pennington

      Most certainly. I do that myself to change up the recipe from time to time. Great question.

  5. Anonymous

    5 stars
    Oh my friend ----I am speace less .What aviabrant glaze on the rib .

  6. Mike Lively

    Hi Steven,
    I signed up for your newsletter, but haven’t received a confirmation email.
    I’m looking to try the ribs today.

    • Steven Pennington

      Have you received a confirmation email yet?

  7. Perla Coronado

    5 stars
    What a great recipe. Now that I have my Insta Pot I'll be making it.
    Hope that you can send me the dry rub recipe that you mentiioned
    on the video. Thanks.

    • Steven Pennington

      Have you received the email for the dry rub?

  8. Heidi Borgeas

    Hi Steven. Made for my boys last night your rib recipe & it was outstanding! Question considering I have teenagers = Can you double your recipe in the Instant Pot (i.e. 2 racks of ribs) & be OK? I would love to be able to feed the whole family enough. Thank you for your time! Heidi

    • Steven Pennington

      Yes, season the ribs all the same way. I would suggest allowing the ribs to enjoy the dry rub for a while. 30 minutes to a few hours in the refrigerator. Cooking the ribs, you can cook as much as you can fit in the Instant Pot. The pressure cooking process will still increase to the same level of pressure and helping with even cooking.

  9. iris

    Chanced upon your recipe on youtube, and have a question. 8 cups of water? I'm pretty new to using IP, but several recipes for ribs call for no more than about 1 cup of liquid. Why 8? And into what size IP?

    • Steven Pennington

      This recipe works out pretty cool. It is a different way to use the IP. With that amount of liquid its like pressure braising. The ribs will be super tender, versus everyone else method. I would add seasoning the ribs the night before is the way to go. I hope this helps answer your question. I have an 8 quart IP.

  10. Lori

    5 stars
    Looking forward to getting your newsletter and the video for the secret rub.

    • Steven Pennington

      Lori, I just sent out a new newsletters. You'll find what you need close to the bottom of the newsletter. I hope you really enjoy 🙂

  11. Tony Montgomery

    Same as Kelsey's comment.
    When does the newsletters come out?

    • Steven Pennington

      Actually shooting the video tomorrow morning. Will be sending the dry rub video recipe asap. It will be a private video link on youtube. You will be able to print/download/share the recipe as well.

  12. Kelsey


    Signed up for your newsletter after watching your rib video. Where would I find the run recipe?


    • Steven Pennington

      Hi Kelsey, I'll be sending it out in the next newsletter.

      • Bob

        Just found the video and signed up for the news letter. Hope I'm not to late. Is the rub recipe still available? Sure hope so. Thank you for the video and news letter either way. Trying it tonight.

      • Steven Pennington

        Bob, did you receive the signup conformation email? The link to the BBQ dry recipe should be attached. The YouTube video link. I hope you enjoy!

      • Gary

        Just got our Instant Pot and wanting to do some ribs... I have been “smoking” ribs in my Weber Smokey Mountain...
        Saw your video and would like to try your rub recipe... Not sure if the newsletters are archived, but would like to try it...

      • Steven Pennington

        Here's is the link to:
        Secret BBQ Dry Rub Recipe –

        I hope you and your family and friends enjoy it. I would add, seasoning the ribs a little while before cooking will increase the flavor profile. Not needed, only one point to add. Enjoy!

      • Sheila

        I signed up for your newsletter just now. How do I get a copy of your dry rub recipe?

      • Steven Pennington

        Hi Sheila, I'll send you an email with the link. Hope you enjoy it!

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