How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs


Learn How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Today we are talking about good technique when it comes to scrambled eggs. There are a few rules every cook really needs to understand when cooking great eggs.  Everyone has a certain way they like their eggs cooked. And the best part is everyone is right with their definition of how to cook eggs. Today, and always, using good technique is the key. When you learn to use good technique, it will take you so far when it comes to cooking. An example would be culinary school, you learn over 600 food related techniques. Those same techniques carry over and hold to be true when cooking all kinds of foods, Chinese, French, Italian etc.

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Before you begin you need to get everything in order.

French culinary calls this Mise en place. Meaning, “In Place”. It is your prep work.

The first thing you’ll need to do is crack some eggs.

Always crack eggs on a flat surface.  When you crack them on a flat surface you create a perfect indention that lends itself to being opened like a book. Which makes for easy opening.

Ever wondered how to tell if the eggs you’re buying are high quality? Like where it says “Free Range” and “Organic” and costs twice as much as cheap non-organic eggs? Here is the trick. The way to tell is when you crack an egg open. If the egg cracks really easily, it’s non-organic cheap eggs. The eggs with thicker shells, and are harder to crack are of the highest quality. Why? How it works, is for the chicken to create an egg with a thicker shell it takes more nutrients. Chickens raised responsibly with room to move around and eat grass and bugs will always be the eggs with thicker shells.

Something to consider. After you crack the eggs into a bowl the way you mix them makes a difference in the final product. If you use a fork to mix the eggs together, you will never be able to mix all the whites with the yolk into one mixture.  That don’t mean that’s a bad thing. I like my scrambled eggs that way.

The other way is using an emersion blender or a stand-up blender. Everything gets mix into one. Something else happens. The blade whips air into the eggs. This changes the texture and color. It will create lighter fluffier eggs. I suggest saving this technique for omelets.

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Key to Cooking Scrambled Eggs

  • Carryover Cooking

Scrambling eggs happens in a flash. Watching the eggs turn from clear to a solid. All the while, the eggs are giving off steam. That steam is your eggs moisture being cooked away. Why that matters is when you take the scrambled eggs out of the skillet they are still going to cook for a while. This is often overlooked. A lot of cooks will look at the eggs while cooking them, judging the texture, fluffiness, and doneness. The problem is they will take the eggs off when they look perfect in the skillet. This is the wrong way to cook scrambled eggs. You must pull them off while they still look “under” to what your doneness liking is.



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How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

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