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How to cook bronzed salmon is actually very easy. As cooks, we love making tasty creations that leave lasting impressions. Bronzed salmon is really high on that list mainly due to most people have never heard of bronzed salmon. Plus, the presentation is easy and looks professional.

So what is Bronzed Salmon?


How to cook Bronzed Salmon

Bronzed Salmon is a technique of removing the fish skin and creating a perfect one piece circle out of the salmon.

Then pan-fried, but only on one side, then finished in the oven.

First order of business when learning how to cook bronzed salmon is inspecting the fish and removing any small pin-bones/fish-bones. This can lead to a safety issue, so please take your time and do a good job. Next is removing the skin. #Simple You most certainly can learn to remove the skin from salmon, here’s the easy way. Takes under 30 seconds. Watch the video to learn. Video link:  How to remove the skin https://youtu.be/7f_12xrbtJw

Learn to tie a Chef’s Knot – In video:  learning how to tie a chefs knot



Learn How To Make Bronzed Salmon

Bronzed Salmon | Healthy Eating
Fun presentation dish with crispy fish
What You'll Need
  • Salmon filet. Center cut filets for pinwheels. Just tell your fish counter rep you need a center cut of salmon.
  • Sharp knife
  • Sea Salt
  • butter & olive oil
  • Trussing string
  • Beef stock
  • Tomatoes
  1. Suggest watching video above
  2. Removing the skin
  3. Make a small cut on the bottom of the fish between the fish and the skin. Next, grab the skin with your fingers and place the knife inside the cut you made. While holding the skin move the knife back and forth while pulling on the skin. The skin will come off in one piece.
  4. Next, season with sea salt on all sides.
  5. Lay out the piece of fish lengthwise and curl the fish around itself making a pinwheel. Take the trussing string and tie the fish so it will stay in place and not unravel.
  1. In a medium pan, add butter and olive oil. Once the butter is melted add the fish and cook on one side for about 45 seconds to one minute. Do not flip over the fish and place straight into your preheated oven of 375 degrees for 4 to 5 minutes.
The Sauce
  1. In a medium pan, add around a half of a cup of beef stock and reduce by half. Then add in about 2 teaspoons of butter and combine. No need to add salt, the beef stock has salt
  2. Slice the tomato how you like. Add the sauce to the middle of a plate, then add the tomatoes to the middle of the plate and lastly place the bronzed salmon to the top of the tomatoes. Garnish with minced cilantro or parsley. If making more than one serving, just add more stock before reducing. Around one full cup.


Learn How To Make Perfectly Cooked Salmon

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