Variegated Pink Lemon ?

The variegated pink lemon is a very special tree indeed. The type of cultivar, you guessed it, the lemon tree family. Also known as the pink-fleshed Eureka lemon and the variegated Eureka lemon, often referred to as the “The Pink Lemon”. Variegated pink lemons are pink on the inside. This offers these lemons a unique opportunity for plating design, styling your cocktail glasses, to dressing up good old plain lemon aid.

Variegated is the appearance of differently colored zones in the leaves and sometimes the stems of plants. Variegated leaves occur rarely in nature. Species with variegated individuals are sometimes found in the understory of tropical rainforests, and this habitat is the source of a number of variegated house plants.




Species –   Citrus * Limon

Cultivar –   Citrus limon ‘Variegated Pink’

Origin –     Burbank, California


What is Cultivar

What is Cultivar?

The pink-fleshed Eureka lemon is not a new cultivar in the world. Yet it has been around since 1931, it was a sport which happened to grow from a normal Eureka lemon tree. 

The reason most people have never seen this type of lemon species is due to the fact that the variegated pink lemon does not produce a lot of product per plant. The trade-off is the visual it gives off while it matures. This lemon is the only known pink lemon tree in the world.


What Does It Taste Like?

The flavor profile is not the same as you’d think when talking lemons. This lemon? has a very unique taste, almost more fruity than acidic.

Have you ever tasted a Meyer lemon before? I would begin to describe the flavor profile along those lines. Much softer pucker your lips effect and sweeter fruity notes. One of the best lemonades on the planet, but comes at a higher cost.


Why are Variegated Lemons “Pink”? ?

The answer is the Lycopene, it is the same thing that gives grapefruit it’s pink color.  

GROWING TIP: If the fruit tree is stressed by the lack of water. then the lemons will then become grow into normal yellow colored lemons and lose the visual appeal they ofter, the branches on the trees will begin to turn white/pale. It seems the pink color is part of the love you give your truit tree. 

The location where the lemons originated from is Burbank, California.

Grown, and made in the USA ?

With any specialty ingredient, you’ll be paying a premium price. ?

? IDEA: Growing your own variegated pink lemon trees ?