Shoulders Day Workout Video - The Secret To Staying Healthy

Shoulders Day: How To NOT Hurt Yourself – Max Gains

The lost art of the shoulder workout. Over the years in the gym, I’ve noticed shoulders day, not very many people do shoulders day. Which is cool if your only looking to exercise. If you’re going to the gym working out to get stronger, then your going to need to pay attention to your shoulders sooner then later. 

The three key areas where people get hurt in the gym while lifting weights. 

  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders

Here’s the thing. We all could get hurt any day in the gym. But we don’t have to and I’m going to outline a few things to focus on to help yourself say healthy.

First is Stretching

Might sound obvious, but are you doing it correctly? Watch Video

Stretching for shoulder day is probably the single most important of any of the muscle groups.

I suggest using resistance bands/ropes. 

Suggested Shoulder Exercises

Front Shoulder Lateral Raises

-Targeted Muscle Front Shoulder Lateral Raises






Seated Overhead Shoulder Press

Seated Overhead Shoulder Press







Isolated Shoulder Butterfly Extensions

Isolated Shoulder Butterfly Extensions

And More