Salmon Croquettes Perfect Weeknight Dinner Plan

I grew up eating my mom’s and dad’s salmon croquettes. Salmon croquettes feel like a fancy dish, yet incredibly simple and quick to make about 15 minutes. If you’re ever on Food Network, salmon croquettes would be a good choice to whip up because they take no time to make. Under 15 minute meal to combine the ingredients and cook the Salmon Croquettes.

I’m going to presume everyone has heard salmon is crazy healthy. Mainly in part due to the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. (Read on about Omega 3 here).

What about the debate between “Farm Raised Salmon” verse “Wild Caught Salmon”?

Here’s a few tips when shopping for salmon

  • Farm raised salmon can be identified by just looking at the fish. Farm raised salmon has larger fat lines. You know, the white streaking lines running between the “fish meat”.

  • Canned Salmon is usually made with Wild Caught Salmon and considered high-quality. Not a second rate fish product. canned wild caught salmon pink

  • Recipe Mix-Up: You can replace salmon with steel head trout, which does not have the fishiness you find with fattier fishes like salmon.

    Protein replacement for salmon is steelhead trout

salmon-filet for salmon croquettes

How To Make Salmon Croquettes

  • The key to salmon croquettes would be removing as much of the canning liquid as possible.
  • Never rinse the salmon underwater. You’ll be removing the needed flavor and adding water to the fish, no matter how well you dry the fish, you will be adding bland water.
add cooked quinoa to the remoulade and combine everything

STEP 1 - How To Make Remoulade Sauce

In a large mixing bowl add 6 to 7 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme (crush the thyme with your hands to release the natural oils), add 1 teaspoon of creole seasoning or old bay. Combine ingredients. We just made a remoulade sauce (which is a flavored mayonnaise)

Add 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa to the remoulade and mix everything together. Be sure to do this before adding the salmon which ensures an even combination of the ingredients.


RECIPE & Technique:  How To Make Perfect Quinoa: visit our link

how to make quinoa


For an additional binding ingredient to help the Salmon Croquettes stay together add in some crackers

STEP 2 - Mixing / Combining Ingredients

For an additional binding ingredient (besides the quinoa) which will help the Salmon Croquettes stay together, add in some crackers. Ritz crackers work best.

  • Crush the crackers in your hands (about 6 crackers), do not use a food processor to crush the crackers. You want a few chunks in the Salmon Croquettes for added texture.
  • Mixing the salmon into the base ingredients, make sure you combine them together well. This is one of the cases where it helps to slightly overmix. (Use a spatula).
  • Add in salt and pepper to your taste at this point. (1/2 teaspoon’ish)

FYI: the creole season has some level of salt included. Might taste it beforehand to make sure to not oversalt. 

Shaping the Salmon Croquettes

STEP 3 - Shaping the Salmon Croquettes

The key to shaping the Salmon Croquettes is to focus on the size and how thick you make them. We do eat with our eyes you know, so take your time in making them look nice.

Chef Tips:

  • Use a ring mold like the one in the photo above/below (cooking spray on the inside of the ring mold makes for easy removal)

  • Aim to size each salmon croquette the same thickness (promotes even cooking)

    Aim to size each salmon croquette the same thickness promotes even cooking

  • Press/Pat the salmon croquettes down into shape. Not too hard, but enough that they will stay together while cooking.

  • Optional: place them into the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes before cooking. (this allows everything to set-up/firm)

Cooking the Salmon Croquettes

STEP 4 -Cooking the Salmon Croquettes

Using a medium-sized pan, bring the heat up to medium/high. Use 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 teaspoon of chili powder. The chili powder brings more flavor and adds a very nice finished color.

salmon croquettes recipe

  • Cooking: medium-high heat
  • Don’t use too much butter or oil
  • Placing a cover or large plate over the pan while cooking / promotes even cooking Placing a cover or large plate over the pan while cooking promotes even cooking
  • Cook time: around 4 to 5 minutes
Storing salmon croquettes In The Refrigerator TIPS

STEP 5 - TIPS: Storing In The Refrigerator

When it’s time to make salmon croquettes I like making two batches. I find myself making them for an easy and healthy lunch. They store very well in the refrigerator for 5 days.

  • store in the refrigerator covered
  • store in Tupperware or a large plate and cover with plastic wrap
  • stores well for up to 5 days


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