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Second Video | Chicken Butchery Series

Quartering Halving Whole Chicken


Next Time You

Cool Idea: Quartering or halving a whole chicken next time you cookout. There are a number of advantages to using this technique. One being, keeping the pieces of chicken in large helps keep everything moist and juicy. The presentation of a whole half chicken will certainly be a fun offering to your family and friends at your next cookout.

Tip for the Grill

Preparing the Grill | Use indirect heat

Make your bed of coals to one side of the grill. This will help insure the chicken will cook low and slow and preserve the moistness.

Tip: Keep a spray water bottle on hand in case the fire flares up or just gets too hot. When making the bed of coals, less is more in this case. Don’t over crowd with too much fire.

Tips for the BBQ Smoker

I personally like this style of cooking for a whole half chicken

Marinade your chicken overnight in a mixture of something along the line of Italian salad dressing. The vinegar helps tenderize the chicken and adds incredible flavor, about 15 minutes before cooking rub the chicken down with your flavor dry rub. Give one of the rubs below a try sometime.

Bring your smoker temperature up to around 250-300 degrees. With chicken, there is something called “Too Low and Slow” When cooking chicken indirectly in a smoker over a long time really isn’t the way to go due to drying out the chicken from long exposure to the heat elements. Simply cook between 250 and 300 and you’ll be great.

In case you missed the first chicken butchery video

The first video covers how to break down a whole chicken into 10 pieces

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What to do with the Chicken?

Chicken Recipe Ideas

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Instructional Video | Chicken Butchery Series

Quartering and Halving Whole Chicken


Broccoli Crunch | Whole Food Recipe | New Ingredient

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