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Foodies International  Bloggers Welcome

Online Foodie Facebook Community

Post anything your hearts desire pending Admin approval

Tuesdays & Saturdays will be open posting days to everyone. Food bloggers welcome. Come show us what you’ve been working on. Post your content and link to your website. Foodies post away with the food ideas and techniques you find and like.
Network with others and build long term foodie relationships. Help each other out by liking and sharing posts to help get the word out. Invite your friends to the group.

The group administrator is Chef Steven Pennington with / Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef

Group Moderators are:
Chef Jessica Scarlett
Wine Expert Will Welch
Culinarian Dale Neidhammer
React out whenever you have questions, both about the group or whatever food projects you’ve been working on.

We are here to have fun and help as many people as possible!

foodies international facebook group

facebook group


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