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Welcome Foodies!
Open community focused on the love of food and eating well.
Foodies post away with the all the food links and recipes, photos from your personal creations, photos from eating out and techniques you find cool and helpful.
Network with others and build long-term foodie Foodships/Relationships 

Our only request is to be respectful of others opinions and creations. Think positively, and helpfully constructive.

Reach out to any of our mods with questions.
Group Moderators are:
Chef Steven Pennington with / Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef
Chef Jessica Scarlett
Wine Expert Will Welch
Culinarian Dale Neidhammer

Reach out whenever you have questions, both about the group or what food project you’ve been working on, we would love to hear all about it, and help if we can 


We are here to have fun and help as many people as possible!


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