Thought things over, I talked with my family and close friends and decided to open about positive changes in my life that have been life changing in so many ways. Something I care about dearly is staying healthy. Might sound silly saying that, yet it is a real factor we all need to pay more attention to than any point in history. Let’s talk about healthy lifestyles and move forward getting healthy together. I’ll be creating blog posts often covering all kinds of topics.

Butter n Thyme Health What I have to offer you

What I have to offer you


  • Nutrition, I’ve been studying nutrition for over 15 years now. Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Nutritionist exam? Probably could get close to passing the exam.
  • Example: Pre-Blog Post Title  –  Did you know the essential vitamin “B” has 8 different B vitamins?

A little about me personally

A little about me personally

I grew up with outstanding parents. My father has a degree in Economics, my mother a “Lifetime” Masters in Education and Minor in Psychology. Both loving and supportive parents. My sister and I were fortunate ones. But my life wasn’t without major trials and tribulations. Don’t worry, its nothing special, just life lessons that have made me who I am today and I’m grateful for all of them.

If you met me, you’d probably think I was personable, friendly and someone you could talk to. My sister says, quote: “my brother has never met a stranger in his life”.  People have always confided in me, which I’ve always been so thankful about. I love helping people.

A statement I hold very close to my heart as an adult is “Corrective Action” if there’s a problem, fix it. Sound easy right, yet we all know its nowhere close to easy. It is a philosophy you can hold on to in life and try your best. Each new day is a gift, why not accept the gift and better ourselves daily?

Moving forward with Butter-n-Thyme I’m going to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing. Having fun with food and trying to make creative food approachable and just plain tasty. What’s new will be more content weekly. Along with the food posts, I’m going to be blogging about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.

I want to be the healthiest me and I’m opening the door to y’all to join me – We Can Do This!!!

Things to look forward to

  • Working out advice / Open forum discussions
  • Work-Out Videos From The Gym
  • Weekly Exercise Plans – Targeting ( Legs, Ab’s, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Biceps, Triceps)
  • How To NOT Hurt Yourself In The Gym
  • 40+ Group – What You Need To Know For long Term Survival Of Your Joins / Bone Health
  • Nutrition: What to Eat, When To Eat, Long Term Considerations
  • Motivational MEME’s ( Looking forward to creating those for you )
  • Food Science
  • Weight Loss – Long Term
  • Diabetic Challenges / What To Do To Live A Long Life ( I’m Prediabetic, so this is a huge topic for me )
  • We can discuss different types of diets. Successes, warnings, trends, tips.
  • Guest posts from our members and community. If you want to share, I’ll make sure to help that happen. Credit will be given to those that support and share. 


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