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Figs are one of nature’s prepossessing fruits. Figs look like a gift from another planet to me, what do you think?  🙂 Just looking at a fig, it’s hard to guess what the textures would feel like while eating one, and what they would look like on the inside. Figs give off a beautiful floral aroma. Taste sweet, but not too sweet. Soft to the bite, then you’re met with a luscious interior that is creamy and smooth. Next thing you know the fig seems to evaporate in your mouth. The textures are so complex you get to enjoy multiple stages of enjoyment eating figs.

Figs are one of mother natures most balanced fruits

Short Fig History

Figs have been around since the day of the dinosaur. This makes Figs one of the worlds oldest fruits. The cool thing is figs have survived hundreds of millions of years on earth. That’s really impressive if you think about it. Crazy long time for a fruit to survive all the changes the earth has experienced.


Where Did Figs Originate?

Figs first originated in northern Asia Minor. With the help of the Greeks and the Romans, Figs spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Spanish Franciscan missionaries came to America and brought figs to southern California in 1520, this lead to the variety known as the Mission fig.

Evidence proves that the fig was in abundance in both England & China @ this time in history

3 seasonal fig recipes


Fig Recipe 1#  Fig Carpaccio w/ Burrata Cheese

Fig Carpaccio w/Burrata Cheese is an elegant appetizer or main course. Sweet, salty, with a nice crunch, the balance of the balsamic vinegar makes it spot on.

fig carpaccio burrata cheese


Fig Recipe 2# Fig Shortbread Tart

Elegance of Simplicity

Shortbread Fig Tart could be the perfect combination of textures and sweetness. This recipe offers all the sweetness you would want in a dessert without the overly sweetness that can ruin a dish. The recipe for the shortbread comes from my culinary school days at Le Cordon Bleu

fig shortbread tart


Fig Recipe 3# Bacon Wrapped Figs

Cool New Way To Wrap!

Figs and Bacon were made for each other. Naturally, we had to create bacon wrapped figs. Salty sweet treat with the kiss of the swine.

bacon wrapped figs





Fig Shortbread Tart

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